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“Everything we put on the skin or breathe in goes into our bloodstream or straight to the brain” ~ Bibiana Smith

Its name meaning ‘life essentials’, the Biossentials objective has been to remain as authentic to nature as possible. Founded by natural therapists Joanne Bruce and Lynn Lim, their mission was to create safe, quality products free from preservatives, colouring, additives, stablisers and fragrance. Their partnership also blends Western and Eastern traditions, with elements of the latter introducing ginger, lemongrass, sandalwood and patchouli oils into the portfolio.

While a smaller production of natural products can be more costly as natural ingredients have a shorter shelf life, Bibiana Smith, general manager of Biossentials, explains that their philosophy is to make limited batches of goods that retain freshness and integrity. She says, “Everything we put on the skin or breathe in goes into our bloodstream or straight to the brain. That is why we are so passionate about our natural product range, as we know that chemical fragrances may cause headaches, nausea and skin reactions. We also have a fragrance-free range for those with sensitivities or allergies.”

Each batch of oil is tested for purity to ensure its therapeutic quality and that it contains no contaminants, which involves getting to know the growers and producers well. Smith says, “Many consumers are unaware of the importance of making sure the botanical name is specified on the oil they purchase. For instance, there are more than 20 varieties of lavender, however only the species Lavandula angustifolia contains the therapeutic properties many associate with lavender.”

With many products on the market loaded with chemicals, Biossentials distinguish themselves as the safer choice, and increasingly turn their focus to organic ingredients. Smith says some brands add colouring or fragrance to ramp up appeal, which can mean consumers have a distorted sense of what the actual botanical product smells or feels like, so education and awareness have become a brand priority.

The highlight for 2016 is the Biossentials Tropical Spa Collection and Facial Care Collection, which when combined with their popular body polishes, comprising natural Australian botanicals, result in a sensory experience. Lemongrass, ginger and pandan herbal teas are grown by local farmers in Malaysia using traditional chemical-free sustainable farming methods, while the body wraps contain natural botanicals grown in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Last but not least, the modest packaging reduces unnecessary waste as part of their commitment to the environment and reducing carbon footprint.