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  • Essential Oil Solutions for Your New Year’s Resolutions

    Posted on by Biossentials Sdn Bhd

    As we enter the new year with excitement of over the possibilities and joy, it’s time once again for reflection and introspection – an invitation to contemplate starting something new or adopting a new approach in the upcoming year. Whatever your desires for change and excitement for what is to come, incorporating Biossentials’ essential oil blends and aromatherapy products in your lifestyle can help support your goals and resolutions in 2018.


    BREATHE essential oil blend brings a refreshingly vibrant aroma of EucalyptusMyrtle and Tea Tree to your surroundings that encourages feelings of rejuvenation and revitalisation, perfect to clear the  past year’s negative vibes.

    Use it:

    • Blend 1-2 drops in 5ml of Biossentials’ Almond Sweet Oil and apply topically to your chest when seeking to clear blockages and renew energies.
    • Inhale directly and breathe. Breathe in positive energy. Hold this breath for a couple of moments and breath out, expelling all that is negative from your body and aura. Repeat.




      CONCENTRATE essential oil blend has an aroma of Lemon, Peppermint and Rosemary that, when diffused, may promote feelings of creativity, motivation and accomplishment. It is perfect to use while contemplating and establishing your 2018 ambitions.

      Use it:




      PEACEFUL essential oil blend harnesses the soothing qualities of LavenderMarjoram and Sandalwood to calm a busy and active mind.

      Use it:

      • Put 1-2 drops on your personal Aromatherapy pendant to attain a sense of clarity and harmony.
      • Diffuse a few drops in Biossentials Ultrasonic Ambience Diffuser before sleep to create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Alternatively, put a few drops on a cotton ball and place by the pillow.
      • Use Peaceful as your evening companion after a shower or bath. Blend 1-2 drops in 5ml of Biossentials’ Almond Sweet Oil and apply liberally onto shoulders, feet and legs and feel completely ready to unwind from the day.



      RELAX essential oil blend contains the harmonious scents of Lavender, Mandarin and Patchouli that inspires feelings of calm, patience and tranquillity while you go about your day.

      Use it:
      • As a start to your day, diffuse Relax blend in Biossentials Ultrasonic Ambience Diffuser to feel calm and relaxed for the day ahead.
      • Blend 1-2 drops in 5ml of Biossentials’ Almond Sweet Oil to create a body oil and make it your massage companion for a calming and total relaxation experience.
      • Apply the body oil blend to hands and feet, and enjoy an aroma to encourage calmness and composure.




        Whatever you decide to do this New Year, remember to be kind to yourself. Create wellness and happiness focused goals that brings joy to your heart and lets your inner beauty shine. Make time for you and use the benefits of Aromatherapy to ease yourself gently and positively into 2018!


        Have a Happy New Year!

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      • Biossentials Aromatherapy Body Oils

        Posted on by Biossentials Sdn Bhd

        Biossentials aromatherapy body and bath oils are convenient and ready to use for massage, as a moisturising oil or in the bath. Readily absorbed, they leave your skin feeling hydrated, nourished and lightly scented with the benefits of pure essential oils. Blended in an enriching base of cold pressed carrier oils including sweet almond, soya bean, jojoba, wheatgerm, rose hip and vitamin E. Each body oil has been specially formulated by Aromatherapy professionals.

        Biossentials Aromatherapy Collection Massage Body Oils

        BALANCE - Take time out, look after yourself and experience the gentle touch of pure essential oils to balance and harmonise. Massage into back, tummy, lower back, legs and feet. 

        BODY TONE - In combination with exercise and a healthy diet, these plant extracts provide a warming and stimulating boost to tone and firm "orange peel" skin. Massage twice daily to affected areas.

        JETLAG - When your body is feeling sluggish, congested or when it is in need of a boost after air travel, massage is the perfect helper. Use this massage oil with a lymphatic massage.

        SPORTS RUB - Bring warming comfort to general aches and pains with an aromatherapy massage. The soothing properties of pure essential oils, together with the benefits of massage help to give temporary relief to muscular tension, stress and lower back pain. Massage into affected areas as required, or use after sports or a workout at the gym.

        PEACEFUL - Essential oils are nature's gift with soothing qualities to relax and calm a busy and active mind. Great for children too. Massage into feet and tension spots on the neck, back and shoulders.

        RELAX - Life can be stressful and hectic. Aromatherapy offers soothing and calming properties of true lavender to encourage relaxation and serenity. Nurturing and grounding to refresh the spirit. Use in a massage or in the bath.



        Biossentials. Bringing nature right to your door.

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