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Aromatherapy for Prosperity & Love

February is here, and both the year of prosperity and season of love will be upon us before you know it! As you may know, the fragrance from essential oils can directly affect your mind, body and soul. We’ve rounded up a few essential oils to attract prosperity to your life and bring the feeling of enchanting emotion to your heart.
How to Use Essential Oils

  • Topically. Dilute the essential oils in an unscented carrier oil (such as Biossentials Almond Sweet Oil) or moisturising lotion. For the body, the general ratio of essential oil to carrier oil should always be 4-8 drops of essential oil to 10ml carrier oil or moisturising lotion. For the face, the general ratio should always be 1-2 drops of essential oil to 5ml carrier oil or moisturising lotion.
  • Diffusion. Fill your aroma burner or your Biossentials Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser with water and add 6-8 drops of your chosen essential oil blend. Light the tealite candle or switch on the electricity. Remember to keep the diffuser on a stable surface, and out of reach from children, pets and flammable materials.
  • Perfume. Create your personal blend by adding 10-15 drops of your favourite essential oil(s) in 10ml Biossentials Rosehip oil. Transfer the blend into a roller ball bottle or a cute little glass bottle spray, and apply throughout the day.

Here are some suggested essential oils to create that perfect atmosphere of prosperity and love:

Bergamot. With its fresh, citrus fragrance, Bergamot essential oil is known for its ability to relax brain waves when inhaled. It can be used to dispel heavy, negative energy and bring clarity to your prosperous goal.

Frankincense. This earthy, mystical and uplifting aroma is one of the oldest oils used with references to Biblical times. It was, in ancient times, more valuable than gold. This oil has the ability to help uplift your mood and brings feelings of relaxation.
Lemon. This essential oil carries a distinct scent that is clean and sharp. It helps to increase concentration and ability to memorise by relaxing the brain waves. By doing so, Lemon essential oil disperses confusion and eases worry, releases doubt and increases feelings of security, and alleviates fear and clears negative vibrations.
Peppermint. A sharp, refreshing essential oil creates a fresh, clean scent that makes you feel more alert. This oil helps to increase your positive energy, mood and emotions allowing you to focus on attracting prosperity.
Lavender. A fantastic all-round healer and instiller of peace, calm and relaxed feelings, Lavender restores energy balance to the mind and body. Its fragrance brings tranquillity, and can help set the mood for both calm and passion.
Geranium. This essential oil has a fragrance of rose, with some citrus and a suggestion of wood. It is known to help those who feel overly emotional and need more stability. Use this oil to increase circulation and bring emotional balance to your life.
Ylang Ylang. This sweet, soft, flowery essential oil works effectively on the emotions. Known for its aphrodisiac properties, Ylang Ylang elevates sexual energy and enhances relationships. In Indonesia, the flowers are spread on the bed of newlywed couples. Diffuse it to set the tone for your own romantic evening.
Rose Geranium, Rose and Jasmine. With its rich, sweet scents, these essential oils are synonymous with love and romance. They are known as mood boosters to help promote feelings of joy, relaxation and affection. Use these essential oils to move beyond self-imposed limitations and open up to love.
Tropical Spa Passion. Caress and excite your senses with Biossentials Tropical Spa Passion essential oil blend. The sensuous blend infuses floral sensations of jasmine, ylang ylang and rose with bergamot and cinnamon to rekindle feelings of excitement, passion and joy, and inspire a romantic ambience.

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What Are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are pure concentrated plant extracts. They are the essence of aromatherapy, promoting health of the body and serenity of the mind. Essential oils are typically used topically or through inhalation, and can be used to suit each individual’s unique requirements. Each oil has its own chemical components with beneficial properties stimulating the body’s own natural healing mechanism. Properties range from antispectic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, relaxing and balancing to name a few.
Remember: Safety First!
While essential oils have a wide range of benefits, it is important to be safe when using essential oils. Many can be harmful if ingested, so don’t take them orally without consulting an expert. It is not recommended to apply undiluted essential oils directly on the skin; always dilute the oils in an unscented carrier substance, such as water, carrier oil or moisturising lotion before using. Each type of oil has different properties and safety precautions. Check the contraindications of the essential oil to ensure it is suitable for the general health of the person. Essential oils are not a substitute for any medication that have been prescribed by your medical physician.

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