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Pure essential oils are derived from the precious living energy of plants including flowers, leaves, needles, bark, root, fruit rinds or resin. Highly concentrated, only a few drops of these precious oils are needed to enjoy their natural benefits. Every Biossentials Aromatherapy essential oil or blend is produced from a single distillation and is not diluted, modified, blended or adulterated. Like a vintage wine, each oil will vary in aroma, intensity and viscosity from year to year due to seasonal harvest conditions.

Biossentials single essential oils contain natural plant properties to balance, harmonise and restore body and mind. The art and science of Aromatherapy which recognises ancient and modern healing traditions, is based on utilising the therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils in a variety of ways. This includes aroma burner, inhalation, bath, foot spa, compress and room spray or blended in unscented carrier oil, balm or base products for skin and hair applications.

Every 10ml essential oil comes boxed with how-to-use instructions to ensure you have the very finest aromatherapy experience. If you have any additional tips, share it with us on our social media pages!

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